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English For Tourism

English for Tourism

For Whom:

This programme is designed for the individuals those who are engaged in Tourism & Hospitality related activities and for the ones who are willing to start their career in a similar industry.

Programme Overview:

This course will ideally suit for the ones wish to gain in depth understanding of how to communicate effectively and confidently in English in order to maintain standards, achieve efficiency and gain recognition in their field.

This 3-month (part time) course provides the specific knowledge of English, skills and practice that is required in order to function in an unhesitant manner in their work contexts. Successful completion of this course intends to enhance the personal development of the individual which will then lead to the development of their profession as well.

Course Objectives;

This course intends to improve the learner’s ability to understand and produce Standard English for the purpose of serving the tourists effectively in their common working situations and also to produce language in unpredictable different communicative situations related to tourism.

In addition, this course plans to enhance self-confidence of the students by making them competent users of English related to the field of tourism.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course, learners will be able to,

  • Express themselves appropriately, fluently and confidently using relevant language functions and strategies in different contexts.
  • Apply the basic grammar rules and effective vocabulary in language production.
  • Use appropriate structures, formats and language in writing and speaking related to the field of tourism.
  • Be able to explain, persuade, instruct and advice in an effective and a productive manner.
  • Apply different listening sub skills in order to follow different pronunciations, comprehend, understand and respond effectively while listening to others.
Course Content

(Session Number with its Topic)

1    – Introduction

2     – Greetings – Part 1

3      – Greetings – Part 2

4       – Functions (Instructing, advising, suggesting, apologizing, inquiring and so on)

5        -Functions – group activity

6        -Basic grammar for tourism

7        -Vocabulary Building for tourism

8 & 9  – Tour briefing

10       -Travel Itinerary writing – introduction

11       – Travel Itinerary writing – application

12       – Sight Descriptions – introduction (speaking)

13        – Sight Descriptions – application / research details of different tourist attractions (Speaking)

14        – Sight Descriptions – application – presentation (Speaking)

15         – Sight Descriptions – persuasive speech

16 & 17  -Language Functions for Problem solving and handling difficult situations (speaking)

18 & 19   -Language functions – client needs and handing inquiries (Speaking)

20            – Approach for client feedback , reviews and comments  writing (email/SMS) /  speaking

21 – Approach for client feedback, reviews & comments writing (email/SMS) / speaking (application)

22            – Basic pronunciation of words

23 & 24    – Evaluation


At the end of the programme, all the students will be evaluated through following methods. Final certificate will be issued as per the overall grade / marks obtained.

Questionnaires in the middle and at the end of the course to measure the quality of the program and efficiency of the teacher.

Summative test at the end of the course to conduct an overall evaluation: Written/Oral

  • Written    – 10 marks
  • Oral          –  40 marks
  • Total         –  50 marks
Recommended Readings
  • English Vocabulary in Use – Upper Intermediate and Advanced by Cambridge
  • English Collocations in use – Intermediate by Cambridge
  • English Grammar in Use – Intermediate learners by Raymond Murphy

Duration: 03 Months
Delivery Mode: Online / On Campus
Lecture Schedule:  03 Hours per week

Course Fee : LKR 24,000       

10% Discount on full payments

Payment Terms :
 Installments:  At the time of registration: LKR 6000
                        Monthly : LKR 6000 x 3                  
Payment Methods:  Online by Credit / Debit Card or Bank Transfers / Direct Bank Deposits

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