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Success Stories

Few words from Our Students

  • Highly recommend Nexgen campus , Dayathri thank you so much for your support. I still remember you said “Trust me and work hard “ just 5 days of practice, got amazing results today . I’m shocked never expected band 6 for Ielts witch is more than enough to proceed with my visa.

    Thank you Harshana thank you Dayathri You did a great job

    Asela Dodandeniya
  • I highly recommend nexgen education for those who want to participate in IELTS and get a good score the teaching methods were clear and understandable thanks to nexgen I was able to pass my IELTS exam and u could do the same.I whould like to specially thank Mrs.Dayathri for helping me through this journey.Her friendly and clear teaching methods helped me improve a lot.
    Thank you Nexgen and Mrs.Dayathri

    Ishani Ranathunga
  • highly recommend Nexgen for make your IELTS results best,
    I had huge support from staff members specially Miss Dayathri and Mr wazeem.
    Thanks to nexgen

    M.M.F. Mafra Mansoor
  • It was a great experience taking part in the IELTS class. Class hours were flexible and it’s really worth your time and money. Special thanks to Mr. Harshana for arranging this class for me in a tight schedule. Also Ms. Dayathri did an amazing job preparing me for this exam. You were both really professional and helpful. So I highly recommend NexGen.

    Thank you NexGen, LOVE YOU.

    Isurika Amarasena
  • I highly recommend NexGen to anyone who wants to get the best level of IELTS, please come without hesitation and make your IELTS dream come true. Everyone at NextGen Staff is very supportive and guides us in the most accurate way to solve any problem we may have while preparing for the exam, not just teaching. Thanks a lot NexGen 😉

    Nadeesha Weerabahu
  • Going to NexGen for my IELTS prep was a complete shot in the dark but I’m so thankful I did.
    Mr. Harshana, Ms Dayathri and our coordinator, Mr. Wazeem, were so professional and accommodating.
    Ms Dayathri is an amazing mentor and ever so patient with me. She’s so encouraging and so very accommodating, squeezing in my lessons whenever possible. Her guidance really helped me get over my fear of mucking up my writing again. We practised time management in class and she gave plenty of reference material. I will be forever grateful to Ms Dayathri for helping me reach my goals and a big thanks to Mr. Wazeem for coordinating everything so smoothly between Ms Dayathri and I.

    Diana Pilapitiya