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Registrations Open – IELTS Classes 2022

IELTS Classes Sri Lanka

Registrations are now open for group and individual sessions of IELTS classes Sri Lanka. 

Has IELTS become the barrier to the next step in your career ? Don’t let your plans fade away. Join the best in the industry and get through the IELTS examination. Our physical classes are available for those who live in or around Kandy. Online sessions are available to join from anywhere you are located. 
Separate sessions for academic and general modules Class schedules are flexible and can be arranged as per your convenience. 

Fees start from LKR 2500 and can be paid by cash, cheque, bank transfer or online using your credit card. 

For registration and more information about our IELTS classes Sri Lanka, please contact +94777 653 339 or



If you need further information about our classes, Please visit our page: Ielts Preparation Course

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